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After the family business closed in 2012, Anthony could not see doing anything else other than furniture. Andrew’s son Sal Pennisi, Anthony’s first cousin was a Vice President at Carson’s Hospitality Furniture at the time and said that Carson’s had a very run down 73,000 sq. ft. building available at 2400 College Drive, High Point, NC. His wife Kelly took the bull by the horns rented out their dream home and moved the family of 4 into the basement of his parent’s home so Anthony could pursue the new business. Living off his wife's salary alone for several years.

In November 2014 something changed…Anthony picked up a paint sprayer and painted one side of the building blue. Businesses started knocking on the door and word of mouth spread fast. Business was good enough to finally move out of the basement and into one of their rental properties (Kelly’s childhood home) in October 2016.

Domenick’s Designs, Inc. was now a US Furniture Manufacturer for other manufacturers and private label furniture. His wife Kelly came on board to help her husband in January of 2015 and business continued to flourish. Kelly had brought to the table 17 years of experience in Commercial Art & Computer Graphics so immediately she had signs on the building, business cards made and a website up and running along with email proposals sent out explaining the business to other unknown factories.

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