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Domenick & Maria Pennisi

Anthony Pennisi - a fourth generation Italian Furniture Manufacturer. His parents came from Italy, met and married in Long Island, New York where Anthony was born on August 19, 1969. In 1972, Domenick moved his family to North Carolina to live in the Furniture Capital of the World, High Point. When Anthony was just 12 years old he was sweeping the floors of his father’s factory at Pennisi Original’s 1981. He then graduated early from High School to learn the business and work with his father side-by-side in the woodshop. His two sisters went onto college and later came back to help their parents.

A new company was formed in 1984 after his father Domenick lost his brother and business partner Andrew to cancer. The name of the new company Domenick opened after his death was PAMA Furniture, Inc. which stood for Domenick and his wife Maria’s children Paula, Ann Marie and Anthony was formed. At PAMA Furniture, Inc. they Imported curved frames from Indonesia and Italy. At that time they were the only company in town serving frames to several companies. Anthony traveled along with his father to the far east, then by himself as the years went on. His mother Maria developed a line of PAMA’s own products with custom finishes and fabrics that were successfully sold for many years. The business was thriving for many, many years. In 2012, after a few years of suffering to hold tight and a down-turned economy finally pushed them out of business. The parents retired and sisters took jobs.

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